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10 Things I Want My Doctors to Learn

By Jessica Apple
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Jessica Apple Jessica Apple
In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month this November, Jessica Apple from the diabetes magazine, shares her thoughts on  what she’d like her doctors to learn in order to make a patient’s experience more pleasant.
  1. When I’m sitting in your exam room don’t talk to another doctor or a nurse about me as if I’m not there. 
  2. Understand that I come to you when I am needy, scared, or I don’t feel well. Be gentle and kind when I am down.  Don’t add to my anxiety.
  3. Don’t give me prescriptions for medications without explaining why you are choosing a particular medication and what the side effects might be.
  4. Don’t send me to do tests without telling me what you’re testing for.  Be honest and straightforward with me, but don’t frighten me unnecessarily.
  5. Remember that I am a person – not a bunch of numbers.
  6.  Don’t dismiss my questions. If I’m asking it’s because I don’t understand and I want to understand.
  7. Be respectful if I don’t think the medication or treatment you are prescribing is right for me. Don’t automatically get angry or annoyed.
  8. Don’t get offended if I tell you I want a second opinion.
  9. Let me get dressed before you discuss things with me.
  10. If you don’t have enough time to be my doctor, don’t take me as your patient.

 And most important…

Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen!


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