A tiny disc planted under the skin could offer a revolutionary rheumatoid arthritis treatment and reduce crippling joint pain. 

Tiny disc planted under the skin changes signals from body's nervous system to reduce inflammation. 

The device, the size of a 50p coin, modifies signals from the body’s nervous system to reduce inflammation caused by the auto-immune disease. 


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Workey, a London based start-up has developed and launched a new product (the “Workey”) that has reinvented the key turner. The Workey is a cleverly designed, pocket sized tool that eases the operation of door keys. Since being released in early 2014 it has received an enthusiastic reception from users who have Arthritis or experience reduced hand dexterity for other reasons.

Key turners are a valuable tool commonly used by people who suffer from Arthritis to help ease the twisting action of modern keys. The designers behind the Workey saw existing key turners and knew another, less bulky solution was needed.

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TexUP bandage is a result of numerous international research related to new materials suitable for space exploration and space industry. The efficiency and operation of TexUp products have been confirmed in many international health institutions.

Platinum, titanium and aluminum account for 75% of the material TexUP is made from. These elements interact and emit energy up to 14 micron wavelength with extremely deep penetration. The same energy affects the hydrogen and oxygen bonds in water molecules in the body fluid, enhances the vibrations of molecules and gives them a charge. As a result water molecules resonate and respond more quickly, bind with other substances, penetrate the cell membrane without energy loss, and thus boost the metabolism at the cellular level.

  • improve blood circulation
  • enhance oxygenation
  • accelerate the elimination of toxins
  • consequently enhance the biological processes in the human body.
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