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TermsWe address you as the customer - www.our-arthritis.com that, before accessing these pages, carefully review the terms below, as they contain the same conditions under which you can access this site and use them, and also defines your rights and obligations with time in relationship, as well as rights and obligations of Medartic LLC. Your accessing this site, are deemed to have carefully studied the terms listed below, and to fully accept to be bound by them.

Registered user, or a member our community can be any person who is personally interested in networking and exchanging information with other persons in connection to arthritis. Membership is free. The work of the network of funds and oversees the company Medartic LLC , which also retains all copyrights important for content posted on these pages.

The information contained on the pages www.our-arthritis.com, or related social sites, the general character are created by registered users of this site, and are their personal and unprofessional opinions. Most users are not medical professionals, and therefore all data posted on the site www.our-arthritis.com not represent a specific medical advice for individual cases, or advice of a doctor, or they may replace a medical examination, nor is the goal of providing medical diagnosis, treatment or care. All published articles, as well as communications between users are solely for information character, and serves to members through mutual communication can better understand their health condition. Specific medical advice is not provided on this site, and in any case for the diagnosis and determine the specific medical treatment by qualified medical and / or pharmacist. Eventually, the use of data on these pages are contrary to the above terms and conditions, are the sole responsibility of the user.

Although Medartic LLC  strive to provide customers the highest quality service, Medartic in no case does not warrant that the information contained on these pages up to date, nor that they are complete, accurate or useful for a specific purpose, given that they were exclusively informative. Furthermore, Medartic shall not be liable for any damages caused to third or from the application of any information from a website www.our-arthritis.com. Any information contained on this site, as well as its applicability in practice, users should check with a licensed professional.

Medartic is also not in any event no guarantee of permanent availability page www.our-arthritis.com, nor the proper functioning of the virtual environment. Our-arthritis.com is a social network, whose pages are dynamically generated.Major part of the content is generated by users, without supervision and restraint to the editorial of the course. Therefore Medartic reserves the right at any time change the content on these pages, without prior notice to the user, especially when content is published inaccurate, abusive, or discriminatory.