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Imagine what would happen if all on the same site recorded his experiences on what foods worsen their disease, medications that cause unpleasant side effects, which are the biggest problems during recovery from surgery ....

Can we leverage the power of virualnih social networks to combat the disease?

My name is Zdravko Mauko. I have osteoarthritis. I started getting to know other people who suffer from arthritis and share their experiences with them. I believe that through networking and cooperation can significantly contribute to recovery or at least reduce the problems associated with certain chronic diseases. His experience with arthritis I regularly described in these pages, and I believe that other people benefit from it. Maybe someone help my experiences in testing various alternative therapies, may be involved other people who will support me, send links to information about new therapies or news about the companies that develop new drugs.


As will be more and more people connect the community, so it will grow and its ability to retaliate to every participant and supporting the necessary information. Imagine what would happen if everyone recorded their experiences on what foods worsen their disease, medications that cause unpleasant side effects, which are the biggest problems during recovery from surgery, and other related information. When thousands of people openly recorded and shared their experience might indicate that some new cause-effect relationships. I am sure that the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry were interested in such information. Perhaps based on this information, perfected and complement existing or even create a completely new treatment options. Maybe this community will not lead to some great discoveries, but I am sure that you will at least find a friendly soul who will listen, understand and support.

World has become "reality show"

Have you noticed that the world has become one big "reality show"? Time when everyone is hiding their illnesses are far behind us, and we must get rid of discomfort to speak publicly about their problems. I know it is not easy because there is still a risk that you will be the environment or the employer may have less value if you discover your problems. Because it will guarantee that we will sacrificially protect the privacy of your data. When registering the communication and can use a pseudonym or nickname. has an internal communication system so that you can communicate with any member of the community, without having your e-mail address to anyone you do not have to reveal. a consultative body composed of professionals (physicians, pharmacists, bio-technologists, chemists). Their role is to guide the development of, the monitoring and publication of professional news related to the treatment of various forms of arthritis. Unfortunately, communities do not have enough expertise nor the necessary authority to diagnose or treat any disease. All information on this online site is provided in good faith, but without any guarantee that they are effective and / or safe for your personal use. For diagnosing and treating disease should visit the appropriate professionals (and then we invite you to share your experiences with the community).

Information want to be free

It is possible that your doctor will not be particularly happy when you start to examine the incomplete and sometimes misleading information that you have read somewhere on the internet. One of the most experts would have loved that patients do not explore anything by yourself, but these experts to control access to all technical and scientifically relevant information. Unfortunately for them, it is no longer possible. Most of the research and professional medical literature is available on the Internet. Patients are every day better informed about all details of their illness. They expect their doctors to have an open and comprehensive communication, to explain all available options for treatment, to explain the mechanisms of drug action and possible side effects, to give them a relevant assessment of the success of certain therapeutic procedures and possible complications. Therefore, except for patients and professionals are invited to participate in this community, and through enhanced communication contribute to their professional reputation, and reputation of the institution they work for.