Alternative Medicine
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Had mankind not sinned in the Garden of Eden, he would not have experienced disease and sickness.

But he did and since that time the human body has been vulnerable to thousands of aliments to deal with throughout life our life time.

In the Bible we are taught various ways to minimize and avoid physical illness and what to do when illness comes. We cannot read the Scriptures without learning that God does care about disease and sickness and desires that we be healed. The prophet Isaiah quoted in Matthew 8 says, “He took up our infirmities and carried our diseases.”

God’s Word illustrates several pathways for the healing of the sick. One of these that we sometimes consider of little importance is the healing that can come from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and bark of the 500,000 plus plants many of which God placed incredible healing properties.

There are 644 references from 33 plant species in the Bible to oil extracts from plants. Some of these include frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, hyssop, and spikenard used for healing and anointing. In Exodus 30 a recipe was given for a sacred anointing oil for generations to come consisting of liquid myrrh, cinnamon, cane, cassia, and olive oil. 

Other biblical references include the presentation to the Christ child of frankincense and myrrh as a gift, and the anointing of Jesus with the precious oil spikenard by Mary at Bethany. One of my favorites is the reference in Psalm 45: 7, 8 speaking of anointing with the oil of joy including myrrh, aloes, and cassia.

While these plant extracts were used thousands of years since way before the time of Jesus, modern man just within the past 30 years has “discovered” their powerful healing qualities. The oils from the plants now have had over 4,000 research studies documenting them as being effective against inflammation, bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Also, these studies show they increase oxygen uptake, nutrient absorption, and detoxification. 

This is confirmed recently by numerous research studies related to frankincense and myrrh. For example Renarthro is proprietary formulation of extracts from frankincense, myrrh and milk. It seems much smarter choice than glucosamine and chondroitin for joints. Op-ed. !

While all the oils have several healing qualities it has been found that each one has unique qualities making them especially effective for some conditions. Those who use the oils have found them to be safe and effective for 100s of conditions with rare side effects.

Plants extracts are natural health remedies crafted carefully by God for our healing. All Christians should become familiar with their use and teach them to their children.